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The Good Wife is packed with amazing and unique characters all throughout its 7 season run. Centered around a group of sharp tongued attorneys, each character tells their own perspective on how they see the law and life. With such a dynamic main cast and just as spectacular guest stars, the show holds some of the most memorable characters in TV drama history.

So how well do you think you know the cast? You've laughed and cried at some of their most incredible lines, but can you pick out your favorite characters from The Good Wife based on dialogue alone? Take the quiz to find out!
  1. “You’re a good lawyer, but you’re always waiting for people to give you things.”
  2. “I want a happy life, and I want to control my own fate."
  3. “When the door you’ve been knocking at finally swings open, you don’t ask why. You run through.”
  4. “I think this will make more sense if I get more wine."
  5. “We are not in 5th grade ethics class. We’re here to win.’
  6. “When you pick up a gun, you shoot to kill. Or you don’t pick up a gun at all.”
  7. “I lie 24/7 for my job, it’s actually a gift”
  8. “In Chicago, you need your friends three times: at your wedding, your wake, and your first indictment.”
  9. “People aren’t mean, they’re just polite liars.”
  10. “I may be a scumbag, but I’m your scumbag."
  11. “Sometimes I think justice would be better served with a coin flip.”
  12. “You’re never handed the perfect witness. You make the perfect witness.”

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