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Imagine Maura Isles whispering to ghosts with Melinda Gordon. It won't ever happen, but it seems like the two characters would be good friends. Rizzoli & Isles and Ghost Whisperer are two completely different shows, but there's a lot of drama in each. And when there's drama, sometimes you can't tell who said what dialogue, so we're putting you to the test.

Who said these words, Maura or Melinda? Battle of the M's, should we say? 

Good luck!
  1. Who said: "Those boots are fashion homicide."
  2. Who said: "It is so clean in here you can eat off the tables."
  3. Who said: "I don't have to love you...I choose to..."
  4. Who said: "At least I don’t play judge and jury and kill people."
  5. Who said: "It's none of my business, but, maybe... maybe you shouldn't listen to what everyone says. Not about the stuff that really matters. You know who you are. And when you start believing that, you'll get back to you."
  6. Who said: "All I can do is have faith. It's all I have right now. Faith."
  7. Who said: "That’s a cruel irony. Drivers Ed teacher dies in a hit and run."
  8. Who said: "You can come out of the shadows."
  9. Who said: "Don’t think negative thoughts. Your body will experience something that isn’t even happening."
  10. Who said: "You don't go into a knife fight without taking your knife."

Who said it: Maura Isles or Melinda Gordon?

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