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Ghost Whisperer's main character, Melinda Gordon, can see and talk to the dead. She acts as the middle woman between them and those still living, helping the dead move past traumatic memories and anger of what happened when they were alive. While doing so, Gordon gets the living to admit their wrongdoings as they go through a phase of bad events (retaliation by the dead). It's the show's premise, and nothing makes it spookier than watching it late at night. However, how well do you know the character past her work? 

Let's find out!
  1. Melinda has a middle name. What is it?
  2. What did she do before moving to Grandview?
  3. What is her mother's first name?
  4. Let's see if you know her birth father's name. What is it?
  5. Now, what is her step-father's name? The one who raised Melinda with her mom?
  6. What happened to her friend Andrea?
  7. Melinda encountered a malevolent spirit in season one. What is the name?
  8. What is her Grandmother's name?

How well do you know the character Melinda Gordon?

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