Can you match the synopsis to the Major Crimes episode?

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: November 16, 2022, 11:00AM
Major Crimes had big shoes to fill, being the sequel/spin-off to The Closer, and it largely pulled it off. Following the Major Crimes Unit, Captain Sharon Raydor and her team solve crimes in LA. Using the synopses provided, can you match them to the correct episode title? Good luck!
  1. The facts become blurry in a case involving a fatal car crash at a nightclub. Meanwhile, Rusty can finally look forward to his mother's return.
  2. As Major Crimes deals with a slain fitness trainer, Captain Raydor contends with a surly teenage house guest, a highly disgruntled second-in-command, and a hypocritical superior.
  3. A failed wannabe reality star goes on a killing spree, and Rusty receives another letter right before the end of his summer break.
  4. Major Crimes needs help from the Feds when they discover that the victim in a mob-related murder was an FBI informant, a case that hits home especially hard for Rusty.
  5. A young undercover policewoman disappears from a dance club where other young women have vanished. A request from Rusty's mom (in jail) leaves him revolted.
  6. An elderly married couple, killed execution-style in their home, with their daughter and grandchildren missing, leaves a joint task force to suppose that they may be hostages.
  7. The viral video of a fatally stabbed man leads to the discovery of several other bodies by a screwdriver serial killer. Gustavo wants help finding his surviving sister but remains guarded against giving out much information.
  8. When Flynn looks into purchasing a new home and seeks input from Provenza and Buzz, an unexpected turn of events leads to a new investigation for Major Crimes. Meanwhile, Buzz continues to look into the circumstances surrounding his father's murder.
  9. While investigating a murder that has personal implications for Sanchez, the squad uncovers a much larger criminal operation. Meanwhile, Buzz comes face to face with someone that may have been present at his father's murder.
  10. Lts. Andy Flynn and Mike Tao delve into the mysterious overdose of a young Hollywood star and the trail of emotional destruction he left in his wake, while Rusty finally comes to a conclusion about how to handle the pregnancy of his biological mother.
Can you match the synopsis to the Major Crimes episode?

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