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One does things by the book and the other does whatever is necessary to get the job done. Both heads of the LA Major Crimes division in their respective shows, Brenda Leigh Johnson and Sharon Raydor couldn't be more opposite from one another.  

But can you solve the case of who's who between the two stars of
The Closer and Major Crimes just on their quotes alone? Take this quiz to find out!
  1. "Just keep your eye on the ball, everyone, and ignore me like you usually do."
  2. "It's funny. Sometimes I feel like I listen more to what murderers have to say while ignorin' the people I really care about."
  3. "I see the victim parked illegally. Is that what makes this a major crime?"
  4. "If you hangout with criminals you will eventually become a witness, a suspect, or a victim."
  5. "I never bluff, Sergeant. I merely express my optimism forcefully."
  6. "You have been a homicide detective for how long? And you're still expecting life to be fair?"
  7. "The law is not about right or wrong. It's about resolving conflicts in a civilized manner. If we want the justice system to work we have to stand beside it when it doesn't go our way."
  8. "I stopped believing boys who said, "Trust me" when I was sixteen."
  9. "When I'm really unhappy about something, people never have to ask."
  10. "I am feeling less like a captain and more like a hall monitor every day."
  11. "It's not my cat, it just lives with me and eats at my house."

Who said it: Sharon Raydor or Brenda Leigh Johnson?

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