How well do you know the Any Day Now theme song?

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: June 4, 2021, 9:00AM
Highly regarded for being ahead of its time, Any Day Now was a hidden gem of the late '90s. Having grown up at the height of the segregationist movement in Alabama, the series tells the story about Mary Elizabeth and Rene Jackson reconnecting after years apart. The two best friends continue to grow their friendship throughout the show while reflecting on all that has changed and unfortunately remained the same since their childhood. 

The series had its own theme song composed for the series, 'Any Day Now,' which was performed by Lori Perry. But how well do you remember the opening theme to amazing drama series? Take the quiz below and see if you can fill in the missing lyrics to the Any Day Now series!
  1. "I will hear you say 'goodbye, _____'"
  2. "I know I shouldn't want to _____"
  3. "when your restless eyes _____ someone new"
  4. "then my wild beautiful ____, you will have flown"
  5. "any day now when the clock strikes '____'"
  6. "then the ____ shadows will fall all over town"
  7. "I know I shouldn't want to ____ you"
  8. "I'll be holding on for ____"
  9. "Oh, to my ____ surprise"
  10. "____ that you stay"
How well do you know the Any Day Now theme song?

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