She's Jessica Fletcher of Murder, She Wrote to many fans of the murder-mystery series, but Angela Lansbury had a career filled with versatility. The actress could be seen in classic films, on Broadway, or on television — all of which were roles that contributed to her legendary legacy. While many would retire from acting after a few decades, Lansbury was active in the industry until 2022 — the year she passed.

As we celebrate the life and career of the award-winning star, let's test your knowledge of Lansbury's movie roles.
  1. Lansbury is not the star of this 1944 movie, but it's her first film role. The plot involves a husband obsessed with the house his wife's aunt was murdered in.
  2. In this movie, Lansbury plays the mom of a veteran who returns home from the Army. She wants her son to work at the family business, but he decided to be a tour guide at his girlfriend's agency instead.
  3. The actress plays a "rebound wife" in this movie after her husband marries her because his true love married someone else.
  4. Usually, Lansbury catches suspects, but in this film, she's the one committing the crime.
  5. The actress finds herself playing a nightclub singer who, once again, gets a guy "on the rebound." Doreen Tryden was Lansbury's singing voice.
  6. Lansbury still shined bright in this supporting role. In the plot, a conman finds his way into the good graces of the wealthiest family in town, the Varners.
  7. In this film, Lansbury is the Princess of England.
  8. This role promoted the actress to Queen.
  9. Yet again, this is a role that paints Lansbury's character as "the replacement girl." Its original film title is "Summer of the Seventeenth Doll."
  10. Lansbury is a tavern singer in this film, and her fiancé broke off their engagement.

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