Only the ultimate fan of The Closer can score 10/12 on this quiz

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: January 25, 2023, 1:04PM

Did you close out the entire series of The Closer still loving every bit of drama Brenda faced on the show?

If your answer is yes, we're afraid we have some further questions for you.

See if you can make it through today's interrogation on all things The Closer. The biggest fans can score 10/12 or better. Good luck!
  1. Let's get our bearings. In which city does Brenda Leigh Johnson work as a detective?
  2. Now, let's get to work. What is Brenda’s division called?
  3. You know Brenda, always looking sharp. What color is her signature trench coat?
  4. Let's step back and consider the big picture. In which year did The Closer premiere?
  5. While we're discussing show trivia, how many seasons of The Closer are there total?
  6. Kyra Sedgwick slayed as Brenda Leigh Johnson, but did she ever win an Emmy?
  7. Let's get into Brenda's background. What is Brenda’s position when she first joins her department?
  8. Which law enforcement agency trained Brenda?
  9. Forget police work, let's get personal. Where is Brenda originally from?
  10. Now let's talk love. Who does Brenda’s boyfriend/husband Fritz Howard work for?
  11. Reporting back to the office. Is Will Pope ranked above or below Brenda?
  12. Last question, and you know it's about snacks. Pick something you know you'd find in Brenda's secret snack drawer:
Only the ultimate fan of The Closer can score 10/12 on this quiz

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