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Dr. Joan Watson and Jane Rizzoli would've been best friends if Elementary and Rizzoli & Isles had crossover episodes. The two outspoken characters always demanded respect and cared about getting the job done. 

We'll name characters from each crime drama, and you'll tell us which show the character is from. 

NOTE: These names are a combination of recurring, supporting and one-off characters.
  1. Character name: Kent Drake
  2. Character name: Thomas Gregson
  3. Character name: Shinwell Johnson
  4. Character name: Dr. Hope Martin
  5. Character name: Alfredo Llamosa
  6. Character name: Barry Frost
  7. Character name: Frankie Jr.
  8. Character name: Lin Wen
  9. Character name: Tom Martin
  10. Character name: Agent McNally
  11. Character name: Nina Holiday
  12. Character name: Sir James Walter

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