Darlene Iskra, Commander, USN (retired)

My Start Story Salutes: Darlene Iskra

Vernice "FlyGirl" Armour, Former Captain, United States Marine Corps

My Start Story Salutes: Vernice "FlyGirl" Armour

Kathy La Sauce, Retired U.S. Air Force Pilot

My Start Story Salutes: Kathy La Sauce

Alex honors her father by being part of the change to make sure an attack like 9/11 can never happen again.

My Start Story Presents 20 Years Later - Reflections of 9/11: Alex Bortz

The last person to be pulled out of the wreckage, 9/11 survivor Genelle Guzman-McMillan reflects on the tragedy 20 years later.

My Start Story Presents 20 Years Later - Reflections of 9/11: Genelle Guzman-McMillan

Retired FDNY Captain Brenda Berkman reflects on the tragedy that shocked the world 20 years later.

My Start Story Presents 20 Years Later - Reflections of 9/11: Brenda Berkman

My Start Story Celebrates: Dolores Huerta

My Start Story Celebrates: Frances Perkins

My Start Story Celebrates: Dorothy Bolden

Theresa Corrao, VFX Producer, Director, Writer

Visual Effects Producer Theresa Corrao says you have to be open and ready for every opportunity

Sister Jean Dolores Schmidt BVM, Chaplain, Loyola University men's basketball team

Scouting reports and spiritual advice: how Sister Jean became Loyola basketball’s secret weapon

Caroline Perzan, Film Set Decorator

Caroline Perzan's best quality as a set designer? Listening

Liz Aiello, V.P. Talk Programming, Sirius XM Satellite Radio

Liz Aiello: The Air Force made me a broadcaster

Yvonne Russo, CEO & Executive Producer, Yvonne Russo Productions

Yvonne Russo believes stories shape the world

Kristen Ziman, Chief of Police, Aurora, IL

This is how Chief of Police Kristen Ziman became unstoppable

Iris Grossman, Manager and Producer, Echo Lake Entertainment

Renowned talent agent Iris Grossman has redefined success

Kendall Coyne, US Women's Olympic Hockey Team Gold Medalist

Olympic Champion Kendall Coyne is Setting a Gold Standard for Women in Hockey

Diane Ademu-John, Executive Producer of 'Empire'

Diane Ademu-John explains why representation matters in television

Carol Brown, Olympic Bronze Medal Winner, Women's Rowing

Olympic medalist Carol Brown was a pioneer in women’s rowing

Jacqueline King Schiller, Chef

Former model Jacqueline King Schiller teaches others the healthy eating habits that changed her own life

Sheila Brown, Executive Director, CineCares Foundation at CineSpace Chicago Film Studios

Sheila Brown is creating opportunity and success in the community where she grew up

Marcia Cleveland, Open Water Swimmer, Coach and Triple Crown Record Holder

Marcia Cleveland took being tough to new lengths as an open water swimmer

Ibtihaj Muhammad, U.S. Olympic Fencing Team

Olympic fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad finds strength in peoples' doubt

Alexa James, Executive Director of National Alliance Mental Illness Chicago

Executive Director Alexa James on overcoming impostor syndrome

Antoinette Alcazar, Chicago Police Officer & Artist

Antoinette Alcazar honed her strength to support anyone "who can't help themselves"

Christy Webber, President, Christy Webber Landscapes

Honesty, humility and hard work helped Christy Webber build one of the biggest landscaping companies in Chicago

Antonia Lofaso, Chef

Celebrated chef Antonia Lofaso believes mentorship is a gift