Gale Gand is a pastry chef, cookbook author, restaurateur and TV personality. She was the host of the Food Network show Sweet Dreams, as well as a contestant on Iron Chef America and winner of the 2001 James Beard Foundation Award for Outstanding Pastry Chef.

She described herself as a "starving art student" who took a waitressing job when she first discovered her love of cooking. That's when she said she was suddenly thrown in a kitchen with no skills. "I'd never worked professionally in a kitchen before; I'm terrified for about six seconds, and second number seven, I had this odd sense of calm come over me," Gand told Start TV. "Like I'd found my home."

From that point forward, Gand gained confidence as a chef by making this powerful decision: "Always say yes."

Watch Gale Gand discuss how you overcome adversity, "Come through for yourself":

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