Angela Lansbury wrote a touching letter to her fans

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: November 28, 2023, 11:00AM    Tags: Murder, She Wrote, Angela Lansbury, Jessica Fletcher

Murder, She Wrote was a trailblazing television series that proved a show centered around an older woman was capable of reaching various forms of success. Angela Lansbury dedicated much of her time to perfecting the role of Jessica Fletcher and ensuring the character stayed within the lines of highlighting a witty woman who had the gift of solving mysteries. 

Lansbury advocated for Fletcher not to be stereotyped like women over 50 usually were when playing roles—stopping the writers from making her "out of date" or "old and fogy." The actress gave the character a confidence that was contagious through viewers' television screens. She made a demographic that usually wasn't catered to feel seen and even caught the attention of other viewers.

Murder, She Wrote lived in the top 10 ratings, only falling during its last season when it was moved out of its original time slot. So in 1996, when the series concluded, Angela Lansbury wrote a touching letter in the New York Post dedicated to her supporters, whom she viewed as her friends.

It reads:

"Dear Friends,

Let me just say that I am simply overwhelmed by the warmth and sincerity of your wonderful messages and I feel tremendously comforted by your support. I think you know I have always held you, our audience, in the highest regard, and believe me, I shared your disappointment in the way things turned out. 

But now I'm looking forward to new beginnings, and, down the line, Murder, She Wrote movies of the week. My love and gratitude to you all for letting me know how much you've enjoyed Murder, She Wrote over the past twelve years.


The letter was a heartfelt message that showed Jessica Fletcher was more than just a role/ a form of income for Angela Lansbury. She held the character deep in her heart and genuinely understood its impact on viewers and the television industry.

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