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Beauty and the Beast


"A 20-year grudge endangers the inhabitant of the World Below, and Diana must solve the murders before it's too late." 

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

The Prisoner

When Cloud Dancing is taken prisoner by General Custer, Dr. Mike and Sully try to engineer his escape. 

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

Happy Birthday

Dr. Mike celebrates her 35th birthday and feels that the entire town considers her to be an old maid. Her children begin looking around town for someone to court her. Jake struggles with alcoholism after Dr. Mike accuses him of killing a man who dies Jake cut him with a dirty razor while shaving him. 

Touched by an Angel

Missing in Action

Monica transforms into an 80-year old woman and is assigned to an elderly army veteran living in a retirement home. 

Touched by an Angel

Full Moon

A wife and husband deal with the news that her former attacker is about to be paroled from prison. 

Any Day Now

No Place in the World

Present: Rene fights for the rights of a homeless woman, while the newly homeless M.E. and Colliar search for shelter and comfort. Past: Unwelcome guests crash the girls' pajama party. 


Blind Faith

Syd applies for work at the local hospital. Danielle tells Robbie that she has to leave her education. A blind woman's dog has trouble with his eyes. A slightly change of a recipe is a spice at Hannah's half year birthday. 


Smoke Damage

Allison's dreams revolve around a woman trapped in a fire, but can she stop it in time? 

Crossing Jordan

As If by Fate

When Jordan's (Jill Hennessy) first venture into the dating scene ends abruptly, she finds herself investigating her would-be suitor's alleged suicide believing his half gainer off an upscale Boston high rise was murder. 

Covert Affairs

Here Comes Your Man

Calder Michaels replaces Auggie as interim DPD head. Augie learns Calder is the new mole for Henry. Calder traced money from the Chens to a terrorist in Vienna; Annie is sent there to gather information. Joan and Arthur get back together. 

Cold Case


The team reopens Stillman's 1983 case of a Chinese American teen who was murdered three months after his girlfriend was killed by Chinese gang members. 


The Haircut

Carrie risks her job when she takes on a legendary NYPD family in order to clear Al of an ex-con’s murder. 

Rizzoli & Isles


The squad must work with an overeager private investigator. 

The Closer

Identity Theft

Brenda reopens a case after she believes the accused father is actually protecting his son, the real murderer. 

The Closer

Smells Like Murder

A cooler with duct tape leads to a strange investigation. Meanwhile, Brenda's niece causes trouble at home. 

Major Crimes


Major Crimes investigates the world of "barely legal"" porn." 

Major Crimes

Foreign Affairs

The FBI asks for Raydor's help in finding a terrorist. 

Rizzoli & Isles

I Kissed a Girl

After a hate crime, Jane goes undercover at a lesbian bar. 

In Plain Sight

To Serge With Love

Mary continues to help her witness, Natasha, the mild-mannered accountant from the pilot, adjust to her new life, which becomes more complicated when she discovers her boyfriend is also in WITSEC. 

Saving Grace

You Are My Partner

"The murder of an illegal alien leads Grace into the worlds of Oklahoma politics and racist skinheads. Still mourning the loss of his brother, Ham struggles with his police work. Rhetta declares her intention to win (at all costs) the money pot for a charity event conducted by Butch's disabled sister." 

Cold Case


Rush reopens a case involving an elderly woman who died of natural causes but had been using the identity of another woman who disappeared in 1954. 


Never Go Against The Family

"Brooke and Jess help the FBI track down the missing wife of a dead mobster." 

The Good Wife

All Tapped Out

Louis Canning merges with LG, and Alicia discovers that an NSA employee knows they're being wiretapped. 

Ghost Whisperer

Holiday Spirit (Santa Ghost)

Melinda deals with a ghost who thinks he's Santa Clause.