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Any Day Now

That's Our Son, Bobby

Present: M.E. realizes that she forgot Bobby's birthday for the first time in the 22 years since his death. When she goes to the cemetery to visit his grave, she is horrified to discover that the cemetery has made an error and dug up his grave. In her grief and anger, she seeks Rene's legal assistance and ends up confronting her about not attending Bobby's funeral. These painful memories also put a strain on M.E. and Colliar's relationship because of the difference in how they each express grief and guilt over Bobby's death. Rene, frustrated by her relationship with Bill, begins a quest to figure out what men want and Joe tries to convince her to pick his brain as a part of her research. Past: Teresa loses her virginity and tells Rene and M.E. that they should never trust boys. Colliar manages to convince M.E. that he'll never hurt her, and they share their first real kiss. 

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

To Have and To Hold

During a mountain trek, Mike and Sully recall past moments together 

Touched by an Angel

What Are Friends For?

"Monica must prevent a brilliant young politician from sacrificing her promising career because of a destructive friendship" 

Touched by an Angel

Only Connect

A widower becomes jealous when his son takes to an autistic man. 

Murder, She Wrote

To Kill a Legend

"Jessica (Angela Lansbury) accidentally discovers a letter from George Washington that leads to a hero's disgrace and a director's murder." 

Murder, She Wrote

Death in Hawaii

"Jessica's (Angela Lansbury) vacation to Honolulu becomes chaotic when the son of her host, power broker Matt Kinkaid, vanishes during a hotly contested U.S. Senate election." 


Lady Killer

An older seductress is linked to the brutal murders of two younger men. 


Through the Fog

"It's a race against time for Holmes and Watson when Bell becomes a victim of a bioterrorism attack at the precinct. During the quarantine, Gregson and Bell suspect they are trapped inside with the terrorist." 


How to Get A Head

"Holmes and Watson's investigation into the murder of a religion professor puts them on the hunt for a killer connected to the occult. Also, Holmes and Watson curate a list of potential replacements for Detective Bell when it looks likely the officer will be asked to join the U.S. Marshal Service." 

Covert Affairs

No Quarter

After a routine briefcase exchange at a Swiss airport goes wrong, Annie is stuck at a safe house with a Mossad officer whom she's not sure she can trust. 

Cold Case

Sherry Darlin'

Rush reopens a cold case when she receives a cryptic phone call from an anonymous man who claims he murdered his grandmother in 1989 and buried her in the basement of his former home. 


Throwing Shade

A billionaire investor’s murder leads Carrie and Al to a prestigious prep school. 

Rizzoli & Isles

Bomb Voyage

The team must solve a murder with explosive consequences. 

The Closer

Executive Order

Brenda is teamed with another Chief of Police finalist to catch a deranged man planning an unknown attack. 

The Closer

Old Money

Captain Raydor and Brenda investigate when a murder attempt is made on one of their own. 

Major Crimes

Return to Sender (Part 1)

The squad must work quickly to track down a serial killer. 

Major Crimes

Return to Sender (Part 2)

The squad gets closer to finding a dangerous serial killer. 

Rizzoli & Isles


Frankie's old girlfriend returns to town with a surprise. 

In Plain Sight

Father Goes West

A former high line thief from Boston tries to give up crime for the sake of his teenage son, and Mary and Marshall search for the person who nearly killed Mary in the season two cliffhanger. Guest starring Donnie Wahlberg, Sean Marquette, Charlie Haid, Cristian de la Fuente, Joshua Malina and Lesley Ann Warren. 

Cold Case

Death Penalty: Final Appeal

When a corrupt cop commits suicide, questions are raised about the guilt of a death-row inmate. Misplaced evidence from the original trial indicates the wrong man was implicated. 


The Lion Sleeps Tonight

"Syd tries to compel a grieving recluse (guest star Alastair Duncan) to allow plastic surgery to correct his facial deformities when she learns that he will soon be evicted from his roost while Joanie (Paula Cale) withdraws from her family -- especially from her protective older sister -- in the wake of her recent miscarriage. Elsewhere, Robbie (Seth Peterson) resorts to desperate measures in order to cozy up to the beautiful mother (guest star Maria Pitillo, "Godzilla") of one of his adolescent hockey players (guest star Mickey Toft) while Jim (Mike Farrell) struggles to coax his young granddaughter Hannah to take her medicine." 

The Good Wife

Undisclosed Recipients

Alicia celebrates her victory only to find it has stings, and the firm faces a massive leak that threatens their infrastructure. 

Ghost Whisperer

Save Our Souls

What's supposed to be a relaxing cruise topped by an auction of the ship's contents turns into a murder mystery.