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Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye

Concrete Evidence

Investigating a 5-year old murder, the team automatically links the killing to a group of drug dealers, but further investigating draws them towards another killing that occurred just months before the first. Meanwhile, Myles attempts to improve his neighborly relations.  

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

Orphan Train

Mike works very closely with Rev. Johnson to find homes for orphans who come to town. 

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

Buffalo Soldiers

Mike and Sully spy on buffalo soldiers who are seeking to engage the Cheyenne. 

Touched by an Angel

Then Face on the Bar Room Floor

Tess helps a prodigal son return home. 

Touched by an Angel


When a frat party goes wrong, a young student struggles to tell the truth. 

Any Day Now

Five Golden Rings

Present: Rene embraces the holiday season, but things turn sour when her attempts at planning a holiday party for the lawyers association fall flat. Luckily, she is still able to have a great Christmas with Elston, his partner and their son, Victor. M.E. is determined to have one more old-fashioned family Christmas, but things go awry when Ajoni proposes to Kelly on Christmas Day. Past: The girls begin a tradition of donating gifts to those who are less fortunate. 


All in the Family

Allison scrutinizes the vanishing of a mother, but the case takes bizarre turns when her investigation turns to the missing woman's oddball children. 


Then and Again

When a shooter guns down Allison and Devalos, Allison awakens five years earlier in her own past. 

Crossing Jordan

Pandora's Trunk: Part 2

In the conclusion of the season-ending two-parter, Jordan's (Jill Hennessy) quest for her mother's killer leads her to the trunk of an abandoned Ford and the 23-year-old skeleton of a murdered Boston detective. When the firestorm created by this discovery prompts Garret (Miguel Ferrer) to remove the vigilant M.E. from the case, she pushes forward on her own in the search for answers - and discovers more of her father's (Ken Howard) demons in the process. 

Crossing Jordan

Devil May Care

When Oliver Titleman (guest star Brian Kimmet), a high school student obsessed with forensic science, is suspected in what appears to be the satanic murder of the ex-husband of the object of his affection (guest star Holly Gagnier-Guillod), Macy (Miguel Ferrer) tries to win the bright young man’s confidence to lure him into revealing his involvement in the crime. 

Cold Case


Valens has ties to a teen whose 2004 murder in a juvenile detention center is being investigated by the team. Lilly reconnects with former love Eddie Saccardo. 

Cold Case


The team reopens the 1970 murder case of a young musician who was secretly instrumental in creating the Philadelphia soul sound. 

Cagney and Lacey


Cagney and Lacey witness an accidental police shooting, but have differing memories of exactly how it happened. Lacey feels heat from her superiors to fall in line with Cagney's accounting of events. 

The Closer

Blood Money

When a crooked executive is kidnapped, the squad suspects it's a ruse to get to his frozen assets. 

The Closer

Red Tape

Sergeant Gabriel's actions are called into question by Captain Sharon Raydor who suspects he killed an unarmed man. 

Major Crimes

White Lies (Part 2)

The investigation into the Dwight Darnell murders continue. 

Major Crimes

White Lies (Part 3)

The Dwight Darnell murder investigation continues. 

Ghost Whisperer

The Children’s Parade

Melinda's investigation of a poltergeist in the hospital leads to a showdown with supernatural forces terrorizing her and her son. 

The Good Wife


An attorney is accused of leaking a witness list that lead to a murder, and Alicia discovers someone's tweeting personal attacks about her family. 

In Plain Sight

Iris Doesn't Live Here Anymore

An entire family is forced to enter WITSEC after their teenaged daughter witnesses a gang murder. 


Blind Alleys

The police department is taken hostage by a suspect's father. 


It Cuts Both Ways

Jack re-emerges with a new MO, and George receives an offer. 

The Division

Forgive Me, Father

The only clue to a bomber is connected to a plea deal, and CD and Nate investigate a corpse found in a church. 

Family Law

Liar's Club: Part 2

Joe defends one-time employee to hide a secret, and Danni falls for a charming but spoiled man suing his parents.