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Beauty and the Beast

Ashes, Ashes

"Catherine and Vincent must stop a fast-spreading plague from endangering the World Below." 

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

Things My Father Never Gave

Robert E is hired to repair a steam engine to keep the construction of the railroad on track. 

Touched by an Angel

A Reason to Believe (aka Hello, I Love You)

The angels helps a young girl search for the father she never knew. 

Any Day Now

Hey Ugly!

Present: Rene becomes the guardian ad litem for a young teenager whose mother is being investigated for abuse after allowing her daughter to undergo multiple cosmetic surgeries; M.E. and Colliar confront Kelly after a condom drops out of her boyfriend's jacket; realizing she's not over Bill yet, Rene decides to break up with Clay. Past: M.E. and Rene give Tully's cousin Agnes a makeover to help her fit in with the other kids. 

Murder, She Wrote

Obituary for a Dead Anchor

"Murder overshadows the taping of a TV interview featuring Jessica (Angela Lansbury) and Cabot Cove. Guest stars: Chad Everett, Abby Dalton." 

Murder, She Wrote

Stage Struck

"Opening night of the comedy bound for Broadway with two famous flamboyant stars delivers death and drama." 



"When Jim (Mike Farrell) returns home to recuperate from a serious head injury after being shot in last season's finale, Syd (Melina Kanakaredes), Joanie (Paula Cale) and Robbie (Seth Peterson) clash over each other's reactions to the changes in their father. Syd believes Jim needs more help than they can provide at home, Joanie thinks he needs to be surrounded by loved ones in his own environment while Robbie is detached and angry over the "loss" of the father he knew. Besides trying to keep the peace in her family, Syd must also deal with a neurotic patient (guest star Kathyrn Joosten, Mrs. Landingham on NBC's The West Wing") who believes television characters are real people." 


Time Keeps on Slipping

Allison's oldest daughter begins losing time and must get back to the present with help from her future self. 

Crossing Jordan


Jordan (Jill Hennessy) begins to act strangely after a night of dancing with Woody (Jerry O'Connell). Suppressing information that she had an encounter with an intruder in her apartment that night, her behavior causes concern among her co-workers, which leads her to believe that Macy (Miguel Ferrer) and Lily (Kathryn Hahn) asked the resident shrink, Dr. Howard Stiles (guest star Wallace Shawn, "My Dinner with Andre"), to talk to her. 

Covert Affairs

Sensitive Euro Man

"Annie helps McQuaid accomplish a tough mission against Auggie's wishes." 

Cold Case

The Red and the Blue

When Jeffries' former partner shares new information about the 2000 murder of a male singer, the case is reopened, requiring Rush and a reluctant Scotty to travel to Knoxville, Tennessee, and delve into the world of country music. 


Blind Alleys

The police department is taken hostage by a suspect's father. 

Rizzoli & Isles

Money For Nothing

Maura's ties to an aristocratic family threaten a case. 

The Closer

Head Over Heels

Body parts in a dumpster lead to a disturbing murder with a connection to a pornographic distributor. 

The Closer

Critical Missing

The bodies of an unidentified mother and daughter hint at ritualistic suicide, but Brenda suspects foul play. 

Major Crimes

Cheaters Never Prosper

A detective from Las Vegas is found dead of an apparent drug overdose but further investigation reveals that he was poisoned. Meanwhile, Daniel Dunn's recent behavior makes Raydor and Rusty wonder if he can be trusted. 

Major Crimes

Long Shot

A sniper kills a judge, and both Major Crimes and the FBI try to get to an eyewitness who can identify the shooter before the shooter can kill him. Meanwhile, Sharon takes steps to protect Rusty from his father. 

Rizzoli & Isles

Killer in High Heels

Maura's date turns up dead, making Maura the key suspect. 

In Plain Sight

To Serge With Love

Mary continues to help her witness, Natasha, the mild-mannered accountant from the pilot, adjust to her new life, which becomes more complicated when she discovers her boyfriend is also in WITSEC. 

Saving Grace

Hear the Birds

"As Grace deals with the aftermath of her dramatic fall from a building with Neely, she also struggles with the impending death of her grandfather, GeePaw. Meanwhile the squad investigates a double homicide involving a water dispute between two ranchers, and Rhetta discovers a secret about her daughter." 

Cold Case


The team reopens Stillman's 1983 case of a Chinese American teen who was murdered three months after his girlfriend was killed by Chinese gang members. 


True Identity

A high-end dating service employee’s murder exposes ha deadly drug cartel. 

The Good Wife

In Sickness

Alicia tackles a liver transplant case and makes a decision regarding Peter. 

Ghost Whisperer

Til Death Do Us Part

After Eli's father dies, he refuses to cross over without seeing his wife.