START TV Schedule For Washington DC, DC


Beauty and the Beast

Shades of Gray

"Father and Vincent are trapped in a cave in, and Catherine runs into Elliot Burch again." 

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

To Have and To Hold

During a mountain trek, Mike and Sully recall past moments together 

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

The Fight

Robert E releases anger about Grace in the boxing ring, where he takes on an ailing champ. 

Elizabeth Stanton's Great Big World

Amazing Wildlife

"Award-winning teen hostess Elizabeth Stanton and her celebrity friends Rob Pinkston, Jimmy Bennett, Ashlee Keating, Anna Maria Perez de Taglé and Bailee Madison take a walk on the wild side, learning all about amazing animals from all over the world!" 

Elizabeth Stanton's Great Big World

Life Below the Surface

"Award-winning teen hostess Elizabeth Stanton goes underground with her celebrity friends Rob Pinkston, Jimmy Bennett, and Ashlee Keating: take an historic mine tour in Tucson, go spelunking in San Antonio, walk the ocean floor in Catalina, and so much more!" 

Touched by an Angel

For All the Tea in China

An old British woman is forced to reveal her painful past after failing a background check to adopt. 

Any Day Now

Love Is Love, Right

Present: The fur flies at the Sims and Williams households when M.E discovers Ajoni asleep in Kelly's room one morning, even though both teenagers insist that nothing is going on between them; Ajoni's parents are upset about the interracial relationship and concerned that Kelly will keep Ajoni from attending college; after Ajoni's father throws him out of the house when he persists in dating Kelly, M.E. and Colliar allow him to stay with them; Rene and Joe explore the possibility of expanding their relationship. Past: Rene incurs the wrath of her beloved Cookie Grandma when M.E. reveals that Rene has a crush on a white boy. 


All The King's Men

"Syd (Melina Kanakaredes) tries to help a young man escape the tentacles of a street gang but when he is shot and comes to her for help, she is mistakenly implicated in the crime -- which does not help her pending malpractice case and could cost Syd her priceless medical license. Meanwhile, an upset Joanie (Paula Cale) re-examines her relationship with Phil (guest star Dan Montgomery) when he takes a new job in Denver; Jim (Mike Farrell) and Sam's (guest star Cress Williams) plan to open an expanded veterinary clinic appear to be derailed." 


To Have and to Hold

As a jobless Joe continues seeking employment, Allison delves into a case involving the vanishing of a soon-to-be married woman. 

Crossing Jordan

Save Me

A schizophrenic living in a halfway house is the prime suspect when the murder of a teenage girl occurs in the neighborhood. Woody (Jerry O'Connell) and Lu (Leslie Bibb) disagree on how to handle the case, but eventually begin to see eye to eye. 

Covert Affairs

Man in the Middle

Annie convinces the CIA to act on Mossad intelligence she got from Eyal, Arthur confronts Joan on her suspicious behavior, and Auggie's ex-fiancée returns asking for a favor.  

Cold Case


ID tags found in a drug house lead Rush to reopen the 1972 shooting of a former Vietnam POW. She learns he was having trouble adjusting to being home after fighting in Vietnam. 


Fire and Ice

Carrie's investigation includes an Iraq War and a series of bombs. 

Rizzoli & Isles

Hometown Glory

A boy band star Jane and Frankie grew up with is murdered. 

The Closer

Home Improvement

When a sex offender is found murdered, suspects include the whole neighborhood. Brenda debates hiring private counsel for the civil suit. 

The Closer

A Family Affair

Major Crimes helps a fellow officer solve the murder of her daughter. Meanwhile, Captain Raydor's audit focuses on Sanchez. 

CSI: Cyber

Ghost in the Machine

"Avery and her team investigate when a teenager is accidentally killed with a video game gun. Meanwhile, the team believes Trigger #7 is back in business." 

CSI: Cyber

Bit by Bit

"The cyber team investigates when a hacker uses a power outage in Detroit to mask a crime." 

Rizzoli & Isles

Family Matters

A murder victim may have been living a double life. 

In Plain Sight

Rubble With A Cause

When a huge building collapse traps one of Mary's witnesses under the rubble and out in the open, his injury plays second to the threat of a professional assassin up on the roofs. 

Saving Grace

So Help You God

"Grace is forced to answer for herself and face the judgment of a higher court for her life's deeds. But with Earl on her side, she may have a shot at beating the system." 

Cold Case

Triple Threat

Lilly and the team reopen the 1989 murder case of a Russian opera prodigy who defected with her family to the United States. 


Sea of Love

"Jess trains to be an FBI agent at the organisation's facility in Quantico, before joining up with new partner Nicole Scott to investigate a teenage girl's disappearance from a shopping mall." 

The Good Wife


Peter's choice has ripple effects, and Alicia represents her building manager to return a favor. 

Ghost Whisperer

Melinda’s First Ghost

Nine-year-old former classmate Sarah Applewhite haunts Melinda - the first ghost Melinda ever saw.