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Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye

Concrete Evidence

Investigating a 5-year old murder, the team automatically links the killing to a group of drug dealers, but further investigating draws them towards another killing that occurred just months before the first. Meanwhile, Myles attempts to improve his neighborly relations.  

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

Last Chance

Sully's method of handling conditions on the reservation displeases the Indian Superintendent; Emma is roughed up by a customer. 

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

Fear Itself

An ebullient painter comes to town, where she tries to hide her unfortunate condition: she has leprosy. 

Touched by an Angel

Portrait of Mrs. Campbell

Monica, Tess, and Andrew help repair a broken relationship between a mother and daughter-in-law. 

Touched by an Angel

The Quality of Mercy

Monica tries to bring a family together when the father, a former soap star, has a mid-life crisis. 

Any Day Now

Heads or Tails

Present: M.E. is distressed when Davis joins the football team; Rene is conflicted when she represents a client who confesses to a murder he committed in self defense 34 years earlier; M.E. helps Davis's parentless friend find a new home. Past: M.E. and Rene discover that they share ownership of Port Dixie with a homeless woman who claims to be a Hungarian princess, and argue; Rene is skeptical about her stories, but M.E. is enthralled by every word. 

Ghost Whisperer

Head Over Heels

The Headless Horseman from the Legend of Sleepy Hollow is haunting Melinda. 


The Darkness Is Light Enough

Allison has disturbing visions of a faceless man who invades the home of a woman. 

Crossing Jordan

There's No Place Like Home

Three thousand miles from Boston, Jordan (Jill Hennessy) continues her search -- with her unwilling companion, Det. Woody Hoyt (guest star Jerry O'Connell) -- for the man (guest star Jack Laufer) who might know the truth about her mother's murder and put the young medical examiner's childhood demons to rest. In the wake of his notorious coroner's disappearance, Garret (Miguel Ferrer) must stop a brutal serial killer preying on the streetwalkers of Boston, while sizing the auspicious new addition to his department, Dr. Elaine Duchamps (Lorraine Toussaint, "Any Day Now"), and avoiding the political fury surrounding the case while protecting his friend, District Attorney Jack Olson (guest star William Russ). 

Crossing Jordan

Bombs Away

Jordan (Jill Hennessy) teams up with the new M.E., Elaine (Lorraine Toussaint), and finds herself in the middle of an ATF power struggle, when she investigates the death of Wendy Marsh, wife of alleged Unabomber-style terrorist and former ATF agent Lester Marsh (Shashawnee Hall) - whose grief and rage over the personal vendetta held against him by a former partner (James Pickens, Jr.), pushes him to strap on some homemade explosives and hold the morgue hostage. 

Cold Case


The team reopens the 1970 murder case of a young musician who was secretly instrumental in creating the Philadelphia soul sound. 


Behind the Beat

A music student's murder leads Carrie and Al to an illegal nightclub. 

Rizzoli & Isles

Rebel Without a Pause

A killing takes place at a Revolutionary War re-enactment. 

The Closer

Star Turn

A young country singer's father is found dead under mysterious circumstances, and Brenda is offered a settlement. 

The Closer

Fresh Pursuit

The squad investigates the shooting of a deputy sheriff, and the civil lawsuit takes a turn for the worse that threatens Brenda's career. 

Major Crimes


A therapist (Bill Brochtrup) evaluates Rusty playing chess. 

Major Crimes

All In

A dead body at a posh country club leads down a money trail. 

Rizzoli & Isles

You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone

Homeland Security steps in. Jane reveals shocking news. 

In Plain Sight

No Clemency For Old Men

When a hardened bank robber who's been in prison for decades is finally paroled, it falls to Mary to help him acclimate to life on the outside and keep him from falling back into a life of crime. Meanwhile, when one of Mary's other witnesses becomes the victim of a revenge plot, Marshall steps in to help out -- only to find himself in a predicament when the witness prefers him to Mary. 

The Good Wife

Parallel Construction, B*tches

Lemond suspects someone at Alicia's firm is a leak, and Department of Justice goes after Peter. 


Back In BabyÕs Arms

Rayna, back from her road trip and eager to stretch her creative muscles, approaches Deacon about working on a concept album together, an album that explores and unveils the pain and beauty of their complicated history. But Deacon is reluctant to lay himself bare. As Highway 65 prepares to release the ExesÕ new single, Scarlett questions whether Gunnar really wrote the lyrics about her. Juliette, still physically and emotionally recovering from the plane crash, seeks out her guardian angel. Will doesnÕt know how to handle all of the attention heÕs getting from other men, particularly an influential menÕs fashion icon. 

Cagney and Lacey


Chris and Mary Beth are delighted when they catch a major case, and get to work for an attractive captain, but Chris takes issue with the captain's advances towards her. 

Cagney and Lacey


After witnessing a stabbing, Chris becomes the target of the prepetrator, who has a history of making witnesses disappear. Meanwhile, the NYPD brass demand stress reduction classes for the 14th Precinct. 

Family Law

Family Values

Joe and Lynn defend a hospital that denied a man a kidney, and Danni fights for a couple's right to keep a chimpanzee.