4 things you didn't know about Ghost Whisperer star Jennifer Love Hewitt

These ghosts from her past are nothing to be afraid of.

5 surprising facts about 'Rizzoli & Isles' star Angie Harmon

Modeling, acting, directing - she's done it all!

Piper Perabo was a waitress before snagging the lead role in Covert Affairs

From waiting tables to starring in a drama series

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Cold Case rocked an all-Nirvana soundtrack to take us back to 1994

Lilly's favorite Nirvana lyric is probably "Hey! Wait! I've got a new complaint!"

6 top-rated Elementary episodes, according to IMDb

New to Elementary? Here are the top six episodes.

TV's busiest director explains why Cold Case was his most fun challenge

Paris Barclay: "Half the show is unique every time."

Sasha Alexander said Rizzoli & Isles producers serviced the characters in a beautiful way

"We are left feeling that everyone will stay close, but we are moving on."

This role left Jennifer Love Hewitt more terrified than Ghost Whisperer

Forget the ghosts, this role was much scarier.

J.K. Simmons avoids these kinds of roles because they "don't appeal'' to him

He'll voice an animal; he'll play a villain. Yet Simmons didn't care to portray historical figures.

Lorraine Bracco knew she could play a ''good mama'' on Rizzoli & Isles

Raise your hand if you think Angela Rizzoli was a "good mama."

Murder, She Wrote opened doors for shows like The Golden Girls to succeed

Two classic shows that star witty women that EVERYONE wants to see

5 Times we've seen Christopher Gorham outside of Covert Affairs

See what other shows and movies Christopher Gorham has been on!

Here's why Sydney Hansen went into a coma on Providence

The Hansen family had to be strong and supportive while Sydney fought with the decision to stay in "Paradise" or return to... MORE

All About G.W. Bailey: The Loveable Louie Provenza on The Closer and Major Crimes

G.W. Bailey studied Law before a friend convinced him to step into acting.

Angela Lansbury almost starred in a sitcom, but she chose Murder, She Wrote instead

Angela's agents urged her to take the sitcom, but she followed her gut instinct.

The "Stalker" episode of Cold Case is based on this quadruple murder that occurred in 1978

A stalker from the Seventies gets transported to the digital age.

Here are the top-rated Rizzoli & Isles episodes according to IMDb

These episodes were loved more than others, but do you agree with the order?

Critics said Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman clicked ''all the boxes for disaster''

Die-hard fans tuned in every week to ensure their favorite Western drama was far from a disaster.

Frances Sternhagen gained stardom on this show before she was Brenda Leigh Johnson's mom

Before being the loveable Willie Rae Johnson, Sternhagen gained Emmy nominations for her character on Cheers.

What made Jessica Fletcher different from other murder mystery characters?

There's a reason why Fletcher is still highlighted today.
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