Della Reese's first job doubled as a singer and hostess in a nightclub

At the nightclub, Reese got to study the styles of guests who appeared like Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday.

Fans were upset when Crossing Jordan went on hiatus, but here's why Jill Hennessy needed the break

"A lot of people did seem a little upset. It's nice to see how many people are involved in the show."

Being on television after starring in movies was an endurance test for Patricia Arquette

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Mary McCormack on her In Plain Sight role: "I never loved a part so much"

Being Mary Shannon was more than just a role for McCormack.

Tony Denison loved the romance between Andy Flynn and Sharon Raydor

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Fans praised Touched By An Angel for being ''a rose among thorns''

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Poppy Montgomery on Unforgettable's first cancellation: ''Nothing surprises me anymore''

The series' first cancelation and return were an opportunity to showcase a different Carrie Wells.

Melina Kanakaredes was in no rush for Dr. Sydney Hansen to get married

During the 2002 season of Providence, fans saw a more mellow Dr. Sydney Hansen. What they didn't see was her getting married.

Brenda Leigh Johnson is a character Kyra Sedgwick never got tired of playing

Sedgwick got to grow with Brenda Leigh Johnson, and she thought it was fascinating.

Holly Hunter once explained what she loved the most about her Saving Grace character

The actress took one look at the pilot episode and knew she had to be involved.

Patricia Arquette's little brother got to ''boss her around'' on Medium

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Kathryn Morris said she and Lilly Rush had one thing in common

Morris and Lilly Rush had many differences, but they had one thing in common.

Angela Lansbury's standards were high regarding Jessica Fletcher's development

The character was solid for many reasons, and Angela Lansbury ensured she stayed credible.

Here's why Jennifer Love Hewitt responded to some Ghost Whisperer fan mail on-air

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Touched By An Angel made Roma Downey a better person

While the series touched viewers' hearts worldwide, it made one of the stars a better person.

Kyra Sedgwick once got teary-eyed on the set of The Closer

The actress shed a few tears thinking about her family.

4 reasons why Lorraine Toussaint loved being on Any Day Now

The impactful series allowed Toussaint to revisit emotions, and she loved the strength of her character Rene Jackson.

Lilly Rush's partner, Detective Scotty Valens, had lots of secrets hidden in his past

The character, played by Danny Pino, dealt with a lot outside of the Philadelphia-based homicide squad.

Angie Harmon and Sasha Alexander said their differences brought them joy

The actresses were total opposites but brought each other joy.

In 1996, Jane Seymour described Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman as ''history in dramatic form''

The show's star said it allowed viewers to experience what life was like during that time.

Angela Lansbury loved gardening and cooking, not Hollywood social life

While others dreamed of being the center of attention, Lansbury dreamed of gardening and trying new dishes.

Lorraine Bracco was a fashion model in France for a decade

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Annie Potts has been encountering Ghostbusters for decades

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Here's how Kari Matchett felt about playing a ''cold boss'' on Covert Affairs

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Mary McCormack said her ''In Plain Sight'' character was flawed and real

The actress loved that Mary Shannon was cheap, and the role helped her learn how to tackle people in high heels.

Here are the top-rated Rizzoli & Isles episodes according to IMDb

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R.I.P. Tina Turner, legendary '60s and '70s Rock & Roll singer

The trailblazing singer and dancer, dubbed "The Queen of Rock and Roll," was 83.