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How often do you tell someone “No"? For some people, it's their favorite word. They don't do anything they don't want to, and when asked, "no" is the first word to come to mind. Not many people have the courage to use the two-letter word, though. Sometimes, it has a stigma around it that can be perceived as someone being mean, rude, or lazy.

Lorraine Toussaint learned the power of saying that word early in her career. Do you remember seeing her on One Life to Live? She was Vera Williams in the soap opera.

The actress is mainly known for her role as Rene Jackson on Any Day Now alongside Annie Potts. She was a lawyer who found success in her career but had issues with her personal life—especially love.

With so much success, many interviewers have asked the actress how she's able to navigate the industry, especially since she's great at playing versatile characters and doesn't allow the industry to box her in.

During an interview with the BUILD Series in 2019, Toussaint said, "Often times, the business is designed to make us feel powerless. I learned early on the power of [saying] 'no.' And as difficult as it has been, especially early on in your career, I knew that there was power in it. There are just some things that I just say no to."

She continued, "I have a particular taste. I always knew I wanted to do particular work and work that is relevant... [I] take risks because I kind of don't care. I'm almost 60 and I feel brave again."

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