When the time comes for a show to end, fans want nothing more than for each character to get what they deserve. Whether their favorite character gets the dream job they've worked all series for, or the lousy guy finally gets his karma, servicing the characters is a skill not all writers have.

The writers and producers of Rizzoli & Isles demonstrated a rare talent in their ability to maintain the integrity of each character. With the support of the dedicated cast and crew, they steered the crime drama series to a satisfying conclusion. This was a sentiment echoed by Sasha Alexander, who found joy in the way her character, Maura Isles, was handled.

"I feel that our writers and producers and Jan Nash have serviced all of the characters in the most beautiful way, until the very end, straight through to the finale," she told TV Line in 2016. "I do think that they send off these characters with hope, with love, with friendship and family… all of the things that you would want to see happen to them."

In the last few episodes of season seven, Maura finds out that Jane received a job offer in Quantico. The characters spend a large chunk of their time together, but Maura's reaction to the news shows just how happy she is for her friend.

"With Jane and her new job, and Maura as well, we're dealing with two independent women who have been very career-minded and who are leaving after seven seasons unmarried, with no children. We're seeing them grow and make choices to live differently," she added.

Sometimes, this can be challenging to show in a series where the characters become family to their viewers. However, Rizzoli & Isles writers wrote the scripts in a way that shows Maura and Jane's connection gets stronger as they move in different directions.

"That's a beautiful thing, because all you ever want to see when you're committed to any series is that growth. We are left feeling that everyone will stay close, but we are moving on."

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