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"No one has original ideas anymore" is what many people say when production companies reveal a "remake" or "modern version" of a classic movie, story, or television show. They have these thoughts because it seems like Hollywood is running out of fresh, new ideas. The Sixties had classic Westerns and rural comedies, the Seventies and Eighties thrived with sitcoms, variety shows, and game shows, and we all know how influential the Nineties decade was.

From distributing some of our favorite romance films like The Bodyguard to teen-focused and early adulthood drama and comedy shows like Moesha, Friends, and more. But what about the 2010s? Well, that was the decade of remakes of popular stories through a different medium.

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Think about Sherlock Holmes. How many times have you read the stories and seen the movies and even series? Elementary is a crime drama centered around Sherlock Holmes, played by Jonny Lee Miller and Dr. Joan Watson, played by Lucy Liu. It debuted in 2012, producing 154 episodes through seven seasons, but it was met with a lot of criticism.

At the time, BBC's modern adaption of Sherlock Holmes was making waves, and the two had people going, "Really?" Of course, the show's stars defended their version, calling it more of a "reinvention."

"To me, being a purist must be really confining. If everything is as it's always been, all we'd have is 'The Waltons,'" Liu told the Hartford Courant in 2012.

Jonny Lee Miller admitted that he was skeptical about whether the world needed another Sherlock Holmes. However, he was won over by his character being more of a modern television crime-solver in Elementary.

"I realized that you can make something quite new in the procedural canon. This is a man struggling with his own genius and with his relationship with the world."

The show's executive producer, Rob Doherty, said that Elementary had a version of Holmes that was broken. In their eyes, no one ever saw the character in that state, and they believed the show was building something new with the classic story. 

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