Lucy Liu

Lucy Liu wanted to make sure Dr. Joan Watson didn't ''lose her personal life''

Yes, women can have thriving careers, love and happiness. It's not unrealistic.

Lucy Liu and Jonny Lee Miller defended their version of Sherlock Holmes in Elementary

We've heard (and seen) the story of Sherlock Holmes many times, but the stars ensured their series was different!

Say these five Lucy Liu quotes daily to bring positivity into your life

In 2014, Lucy Liu shared some words of wisdom that can be used as affirmations.

Lucy Liu once said that television is a ''machine''

Lucy Liu is a multiskilled actress who knows how to adapt to the ever-changing industry.

''Elementary'' brings a new crime-solving duo to Start TV's lineup of must-watch dramas

The dramatic adventures of Sherlock and Dr. Joan Watson all begins with a New Year's Day marathon starting January 1.
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