Actress Shanésia Davis' most notable role was preceded by her most unforgettable audition

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: February 4, 2022, 11:56AM

Shanésia Davis best known for her role as Marissa Clark on Early Edition. She has also been featured in Proven Innocent, The Chi and Empire

Find out why acting is more than just a performance for the veteran actress:

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BrightFeather2 42 months ago
She must have gotten married while working Early Edition since she changed her name at that time to
Shanésia Williams.
JayneHasselroth 47 months ago
Not only is Shanésia Davis a great actress, she is a beautiful and compassionate lady. My favorite scene of Shanésia in "Early Edition" is with her as Marisa and Kyle Chandler as Gary from the episodes Fatal Edition I and II, the scene in the alley. Does anyone else remember that scene? I wish they would put out Season 3 and 4 on DVD. We have been lucky enough to see her in numerous stage plays in Chicago as well. Now watching her in "Proven Innocent".
The complete series is available on DVD at, 90 episodes.
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