Christie Hefner believes people thrive by reinventing themselves

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: January 26, 2022, 10:47AM

When Christie Hefner began working with her father's company in the mid-'70s, her plan wasn't originally to stay on longterm. Instead, she spent more than two decades with Playboy Enterprises, working her way up to Chairman of the Board and CEO in 1988. She told Start TV, "It was a very creative environment. I found that much more fascinating than I expected."

During her tenure, she grew the company's international and electronic division, and expanded the brand to include television and the web, the first for any magazine. Hefner said, "The most valuable skill to have is intellectual agility, and I think that comes from intellectual curiosity."

In early 2009, she stepped down from her position at Playboy to focus more time on her charitable work and philanthropy. She was named executive chairman of Canyon Ranch Enterprises in 2011, and after leaving four years later, became chairman of Hatch Beauty.

Learn what Christie Hefner considers "the secret to great leadership":

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JOY 11 months ago
Christi Hefner should be removed from your platform. Millions were made through the exploitation of women which makes your voice one of hypocrisy.
chagelgans 12 months ago
Ms. Hefner has done more to perpetuate the subjugation of women than perhaps any other woman on the planet. She used her portrayal of women merely as objects of male gratification to promote her own career and to solidify her empire. It is shameful that Start TV would choose to promote this opportunistic female misogynist.
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