Alisha Elenz became an executive chef at just 23

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: January 22, 2022, 10:52AM

As the executive chef at mfk., Alisha Elenz leads a team that has earned three of Michelin's prestigious Bib Gourmand awards. A self-taught chef, Elenz worked her way up the ladder – maintaining that when you're thrown into uncharted or uncertain territory, you have to take a leap of faith and dive in head first.

Watch as Alisha Elenz reveals the truth of being a young female in the restaurant industry:

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BOWDIDLY69 12 months ago
Alisha Elena, I have to ask you, will you send me some of your, I'm sure, fabulous food? 😁
Congrats on your success. Way to go. Fire up that grill for the Super Bowl Sunday party. Bye😋
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