Lorraine Bracco's first comedic role was Angela Rizzoli in Rizzoli & Isles. Although the series wasn't a comedy, there were a lot of satire and funny moments in the show.

Who's the character that brought many of those smiles and laughs to the drama series during their time on the show? Angela Rizzoli. She was the overbearing and spontaneous mom of Jane Rizzoli.

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Jane and Angela's relationship wasn't the ordinary mother-daughter duo, but they loved each other. Bracco was ecstatic to play the role and had been acting before that in movies like Goodfellas, where she played mobster wife, Karen Hill. Yet, long before the film gave her an Academy Award nomination and Rizzoli & Isles gave her a debut comedic role, Bracco was a fashion model in France.

In 1974, at just 20 years old, Bracco packed her bags, left New York and moved to France with big dreams. She became a fashion model for Jean-Paul Gaultier and lived there for about a decade.

How exactly did the model navigate to an acting career? She was approached by Marc Camoletti, a French Playwright, who offered her a starring role in a film adaption of one of his plays. As someone who never thought about acting, she initially declined the opportunity but gave in eventually.

Bracco said the experience was "boring," and she thought her debut performance was absolutely "terrible." However, it didn't stop her from accepting more roles, but only for "monetary purposes."

A friend suggested that she take acting classes hoping it would eventually change her thoughts about the industry. Bracco signed up for classes and enjoyed them but felt she needed to improve.

Eventually, she would star in more films and television shows, ultimately becoming an Academy Award-nominated actress. Although, many supporters still call her "Mama Rizzoli."

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