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What if Jessica Fletcher and Jane Rizzoli existed in the same universe? They're both fierce women who demand respect and answers. Now, they're running for the same positions. Who would you vote for?
  1. What if Cabot Cove decided they needed a Queen? The woman would need to be witty and can quickly round up solutions for social issues. Who would you vote for?
  2. If both characters ran for President, who would you vote for?
  3. Cabot Cove needs a new, highly experienced sheriff. Who would you vote for?
  4. What about if they both ran for Mayor?
  5. Both want to be President of a murder-mystery book club. Who gets your vote?
  6. Both want to be Editor-in-Chief at Cabot Cove's "Murder Magazine." Who gets your vote?
  7. Cabot Cove needs a neighborhood watch President. This person will have to patrol the neighborhood during late-night hours.
  8. Both want to be in charge of creating laws. Who are you voting for?

Would you vote for Jessica Fletcher or Jane Rizzoli in these situations?

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