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Let's say we're in a different universe, one where you and Asst. Police Chief Will Pope work together. Do you watch The Closer and wish you could help Brenda Leigh Johnson say the right response to him? Or maybe another character? Here's your chance! 

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NOTE: These are real lines the character said in the show.
  1. Will Pope: "[responding to your facial expression] Unless I'm mistaken, that's your angry face."
  2. Will Pope: "When you're a hammer, everything you do looks like a nail."
  3. Will Pope: "Commander, sometimes being a team player means sitting on the bench."
  4. Will Pope: "[in response to you being upset] Yeah. Take a minute and get over it."
  5. Will Pope: "[everyone is talking over him] I am looking for some instant shut-up - NOW!"
  6. Will Pope: "Cops aren't happy unless they're miserable."
  7. Will Pope: "A poor workman always blames his tools."
  8. Will Pope: "Commander, if you can't put a positive spin on our arresting a murderer, I gotta wonder if it might be time for you to move on."
  9. Will Pope: "You know, maybe you should not bring your dead pets to work."
  10. Will Pope: "[in response to someone saying, 'that's nuts!'] According to the department shrink, so are you."

How would you respond to Asst. Police Chief Will Pope?

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