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Let's say we're in a different universe, one where you and Andy Flynn work together, and YOU'RE the Captain of the Los Angeles Police Department. We all know how Andy is, and we watch Major Crimes always saying, "I would've said something different to him." Now, in this quiz, you can choose what you would say to Andy if he made these comments to you as the Captain. 

NOTE: These are real lines the character said in the show.
  1. Andy Flynn: "I'm seeing, um, a counselor because I'm trying to make things up with my family. And while I was doing that, I sort of lied to my ex-wife."
  2. Andy Flynn: "So, who is this friend you're spending Christmas with?"
  3. Andy Flynn: "Um, you know, if you can't make it home for the holidays, maybe home can come to you."
  4. Andy Flynn: "Listen, do you know anything about blood pressure meds? I mean, you know, how safe they are, stuff like that?"
  5. Andy Flynn: "So, what did Malibu Barbie have to say for herself?"
  6. Andy Flynn: "Why would you save his picture?"
  7. Andy Flynn: "Maybe you're just the craziest person on the face of the Earth."
  8. Andy Flynn: "When I was a kid, my older brother and I, we "borrowed" a motorcycle that belonged to my cousin and took it for a joyride."

How would you respond to Andy Flynn's comments?

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