One is blunt and hardly lets her guard down, while the other is a living encyclopedia ready to tell you the facts whether you asked or not. Together these two best friends make up Boston's best crime solving pair!

While you may recognize their quirks and differences more when they're together, can you tell apart Rizzoli and Isles based on their quotes alone? Try and solve the case with the quiz below!
  1. "Vegan shoes. Can you say, 'vugly?'"
  2. "I don't like sentences that begin with 'What if.'"
  3. "Show me a yoga pose that solves all my problems."
  4. "I'm always sad I missed the Irish crime wars."
  5. "I'm not getting married. I just think it's fun to play fantasy wedding. Don't you?"
  6. "The good guys always feel it when something bad happens."
  7. "The leaning you're about to do doesn't make your butt look great."
  8. "I’m distracting myself because if I don’t fill my brain with useless information, I start crying okay?"
  9. "I am the kid that opened the box that said 'do not open until Christmas.'"
  10. "Oh, I will ‘I told you so’ you as long as I’m right."
  11. "A dead person isn't gonna be any less dead if I wait for just a little bit."
  12. "I was patient, isn’t that amazing?"

Who said it: Rizzoli or Isles?

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