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So, you think you're the ultimate Major Crimes fan? Well, of course we have to test your knowledge to see if you're REALLY a fan. What better way to do that than with a quiz? For this quiz, we're going to describe a character, and you're going to tell us which one it is. Are you ready? Go get 'em, champ!
  1. This character is lead officer of the Major Crimes Division. She's initially distrusted by other members of the squad when named head of the division.
  2. This character is the primary incident commander. He's a senior officer with four ex-wives!
  3. This character is an influential Detective working through personal issues. He marries Sharon Raydor.
  4. This character is a consultant on the fictional crime show "Badge of Justice."
  5. This character is promoted to lieutenant and transfers to the Criminal Intelligence Division.
  6. This character is a former Army MP and often compliments Sharon Raydor.
  7. This character is a Civilian Surveillance Coordinator who later trains to become a reserve officer, then detective.
  8. This character is Sharon Raydor's adopted teenage son.
  9. This character is the assistant Chief of Operations.
  10. This character is a DDA who works with Major Crimes and is the lead prosecutor on the Phillip Stroh case.

Which Major Crimes character are we describing?

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