Can you I.D. these guest stars on Covert Affairs?

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: December 15, 2022, 11:15AM
Covert Affairs follows Annie Walker and her team at the CIA's Department of Public Defense taking down threats to the USA around the world. On her missions she can cross paths with some pretty interesting characters, some who are played by some familiar faces. Can you I.D. some of these Covert Affairs guest stars?
  1. She played an "evil" queen on Once Upon a Time !
  2. She is an MCU alum and starred in her own show on NBC!
  3. This guy's not a stranger to playing bad guys.
  4. She was crazy rich in a movie!
  5. Another MCU alum, who's this?
  6. Which Handmaids Tale star is this?
  7. This actor appeared on The Mandalorian !
  8. This actor appeared on Big Little Lies and Star Trek: Picard !
  9. She was another regular on Once Upon a Time!
  10. Finally, another Once Upon a Time alum!
Can you I.D. these guest stars on Covert Affairs?

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