Were these lead actors in every single episode of their shows?

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Certain actors embody their entire show. It would be impossible to have Ghost Whisperer without Melinda Gordon and Major Crimes wouldn’t be Major Crimes without Sharon Raydor. Same goes for the lead characters in so many other hit series like Nashville, Cold Case, or The Closer.

It would seem obvious that lead characters in these programs and more are in every single episode, but that’s not always the case! Here are some great characters on TV from the '90s to the 2000s. Can you guess which ones were in every single episode of their own show and which ones missed a few? Take the quiz below to find out!

  1. Is Mary McDonnell in all 105 episodes of Major Crimes?
  2. Is Lorraine Bracco in all 105 episodes of Rizzoli & Isles?
  3. Is Jane Seymour in all 149 episodes of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman?
  4. Is Kathryn Morris in all 156 episodes of Cold Case?
  5. Is Jennifer Love Hewitt in all 107 episodes of Ghost Whisperer?
  6. Is Archie Panjabi in all 156 episodes of The Good Wife?
  7. Is J.K. Simmons in all 109 episodes of The Closer?
  8. Is Roma Downey in all 211 episodes of Touched by an Angel?
  9. Is Kathryn Hahn in all 117 episodes of Crossing Jordan?
  10. Is Connie Britton in all 124 episodes of Nashville?
Were these lead actors in every single episode of their shows?

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NikkiTee 7 days ago
Too bad they bumped Nashville to 1am. Great idea team... bump your new hit show to an impossible time slot. Way to loose viewers...and money. 🤦‍♀️
R 2 months ago
Wish this wasn’t bumped to 1am est. loved watching it just before bed. Now it’s rare I see the show.
MissT1que R 1 month ago
I know! I just started getting into it... And now, I'm lucky if I make it to 1am! And amazed when I make it till 2! 😂😉✌️
Twotutor 4 months ago
Also, in 2 different episodes of Medium, the character Allison tells her kids how she and Joe met, but yet in an earlier episode, it shows Allison as an attorney interviewing Joe about a case and she goes to his house and, the rest is history. Just wondering about it.
MissT1que Twotutor 1 month ago
I know the episode you are talking about, and in that episode it's supposed to be an alternate reality. Like, what would like have been like if she married that other guy, I think? Could be wrong! Wish I could watch that episode again before I submit this! LOL! ✌️
Twotutor 4 months ago
Why did they kill off Mary McDonnell's character on Major Crimes before the show went off the air?
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