How well do you know Providence's pilot?

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: December 30, 2022, 3:07PM
Providence is the newest show to join Start TV! Following Dr. Sydney Hansen as she returns to her family in Rhode Island, the series features a blend of medical drama, comedy and slice of life drama. How well do you know the pilot episode of the show? Let's find out.
  1. What has Sydney always wanted to be since she was little?
  2. Where does Syndey have her plastic surgery practice?
  3. Who does Sydney meet at the hospital?
  4. What did Sydney not know about her sister?
  5. Who dies at Joan's wedding?
  6. What was the medical clinic converted from?
  7. Why does Sydney leave California?
  8. Who does Sydney meet at the Providence airport?
  9. What happens as soon as Sydney gets back home?
  10. Where does Sydney get a new job?
How well do you know Providence's pilot?

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sue 22 days ago
Hello love Start TV so far. I only have one complaint and that is on Sunday morning at 6am you show ET Entertainment not that I don’t like the show about the husband and wife that rescue puppy’s and love them and retrain them and then they are given a forever home but you take off the 6am Dr Quin. Just wondering why it was put in that time slot.
Thank you for accepting my registration. Blessings
sue 22 days ago
I watched the show when it was a series on TV, it’s an amazing family show. No matter the situation that comes their way they come together as a family in the end and with love. I’m very glad it’s on again.
It would be great to have a come together finale with the same people playing the characters and giving us what they are doing today.
Would love to see other shows like Judging Amy etc.
Forever8 23 days ago
I've been enjoying Providence and am glad to see it showing on the network since I suggested it a few years ago. I'd like to see Start TV mix up the programming lineup even more by showing shows like Judging Amy, Army Wives, Sisters (1991–1996), and Once and Again too.
hayjo 23 days ago
I love the show. I watched it when it was on major tv channel.
But so glad you have it on Start TV so I can review all the shows again.
I don't like that they keep repeating the shows again & again. There are so
many shows out there that can be put on start. I hope you do find some more.
MaryAnn 23 days ago
Love this show. Wish they would put back to back episodes on and get rid of Medium and others they run over and over again
pryor521 1 month ago
I love PROVIDENCE. I am glad to see it on starttv. I enjoyed seeing the episodes on New Years. I like Ghost Whisper but was ready for new shows.
Sally 1 month ago
Ghost Whisperer was a much better show. Now they replaced it with Providence which is too boring to watch a whole episode.

Please remove Providence from the line up.
Nora 1 month ago
Too bad this show replaced Ghost Whisperer. Just saw the first episode, again, after what 20 years? Reminded me of why I hated this show back then and why it's still a bad show. It about how a young WOMAN doctor is guilted by her dead grandmother to give up her life and return home to parent her father and her siblings. Why are women still (and its now 2023) expected to give up their lives, hopes, and dreams to become caretaker and feel responsible for the actions of their parents and siblings. VERY SAD AND BAD INFLUENCE ON YOUNGER GENERATIONS!
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