How does each season of The Closer start?

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: November 27, 2019, 10:01AM
The Closer is one of the StartTV audiences' favorite shows to watch! Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson is great at getting the answers she needs, and every season came back with even more tactics to put the bad guys away. 

We're curious to know if you've been paying attention. Do you know how each season of The Closer begins? See if you can match the season opener summary with the season number.

Good luck!
  1. A devastating fire puts Brenda at odds with a nosey reporter and an old nemesis pulling strings.
  2. The investigation into a murdered contractor is complicated by the missing murder weapon. Meanwhile, Major Crimes adjusts to a relocation.
  3. When a rising hip-hop star is killed, the investigation points to the record label. Meanwhile, the new Chief of Police begins his restructure of the force with direct implications on Pope and Brenda.
  4. Brenda finds herself at odds with the force when her investigation questions the character of a fallen officer.
  5. The squad investigates when a family's brutal murder appears to have no motive.
  6. Deputy Chief Brenda Johnson joins the Priority Murder Squad to investigate the dead body discovered at the home of a computer company executive. She finds herself challenged not only by the strangeness of the case, but by those who resent her appointment.
  7. In the middle of an investigation into the brutal murder of a family, budgets cuts threaten Provenza into early retirement. Deputy Chief Johnson has to fight to keep Provenza on her team.
How does each season of The Closer start?

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Eileen 21 hours ago
You ask what every season opener has in common, but you don't give us an answer.
Wayne 16 days ago
I like this show. It is still good. However, I have some problems. Provenza is annoying. He is always eating. Julio is always mad or seems to be. Also, Rusty was totally unnecessary. Plus he is annoying.
smcneill211 2 months ago
I love this show, I wish it could come on every day Monday thru Sunday. Please don't take this show off the tv. I love all the characters in this show. Every day meaning in the morning adding tues. wedn. thur. fri. and saturday.
lorenda 2 months ago
I noticed Brenda made the same statement on her first day and the last day of her final episode.
It should be a trivial question.
"It looks like Love"
Sheila465 7 months ago
The Closer: My favorite show ever! I watch episodes over and over again, and look forward to seeing them again and again!
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