Is this an episode of Cold Case or an Alanis Morissette song title?

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Cold Case does a great job of using music to tell stories. The case could be from any point in time, and the show manages to find great examples of hits from that year to make these cases all the easier to binge-watch.

Have you ever looked closely at the episode titles? Some of them could be mistaken for song titles. Specifically, they sound a little like the pop-rock crooning of Alanis Morissette. In an article celebrating the birthday of her album
Jagged Little Pill, Billboard wrote that the new music "...wasn't some act of calculated alt-rock reinvention. Rather, it was a product of growing up. [Morissette] had been around the block, sung a few bubblegum tracks... It all left her wanting, and with her third album, Morissette decided to follow her gut and make music she could feel good about."

It's time to show off your keen eye (or ear) for titles. Can you guess if these titles are songs by Morissette or episodes from
Cold Case?
  1. "Hands Clean"
  2. "A Perfect Day"
  3. "Andy in C Minor"
  4. "Precious Illusions"
  5. "The Good-Bye Room"
  6. "Ironic"
  7. "Jurisprudence"
  8. "Your House"
  9. "Hand in my Pocket"
  10. "Stand Up and Holler"
Is this an episode of Cold Case or an Alanis Morissette song title?

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