Yes, one-off characters can be just as imperative to a show as its plot. We often see it in Murder, She Wrote; different characters in each episode are suspects of murder. Sometimes, the actors who play them return in a different episode as someone new. We want to see if you can tell the difference between Murder, She Wrote one-off characters, and actors in Covert Affairs

Good luck!
  1. Name: Ellen Leavering
  2. Name: Koji Hitaki
  3. Name: Christopher Gorham
  4. Name: Carey Drayson
  5. Name: Hill Harper
  6. Name: Piper Perabo
  7. Name: Beverly Hills
  8. Name: Nic Bishop
  9. Name: Daryl Croft
  10. Name: Amy Jo Johnson

Are these the names of Murder, She Wrote one-off characters or Covert Affairs actors?

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