Who said these quotes on The Closer?

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: February 23, 2023, 1:00PM
The Closer is one of those shows that thrives on the banter between its characters. If you're going to have someone like Brenda Leigh Johnson leading the cast, you have to have some characters who will be able to stand up to her, leading to all sorts of fun moments. Can you match these quotes to the right character? 
  1. "Everyone mark the date... I was wrong."
  2. "You brought your cat to a crime scene?"
  3. "Unless I'm mistaken, that is your angry face."
  4. "I could find the Lindbergh baby and they wouldn't let me back into our squad room."
  5. "I'll help you out any way I can, but mostly because I miss hearing the word 'please.'"
  6. "I need something that ties him to Ruby Williams other than the testimony of a German Shepard"
  7. "Between us, we've been stuck in six bad marriages, we just didn't choose to murder our way out."
  8. "We always have vulnerabilities."
  9. "Oscar wasn't in a gang but if you hang out in the street for two minutes people think you are."
  10. "I know I didn't do it by the book, but the book doesn't cover this."
Who said these quotes on The Closer?

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