Can you complete the names of all these Crossing Jordan characters?

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: April 30, 2019, 5:40PM
On Crossing Jordan, we met doctors, medical examiners, attorneys and even an entomologist! But can you name them all?

See if you can complete the names of Crossing Jordan's most familiar faces, from Jordan's boss to everybody's favorite medical examiner assistant. Good luck!
  1. The star of Crossing Jordan is named: Jordan [???]
  2. Jordan's boss and chief medical examiner was called: [???] Macy
  3. The wise-cracking British criminologist was named: [???] Townsend
  4. The grief counselor with a heart of gold was called: Lily [???]
  5. This police detective once gave Jordan a diamond ring: [???] Hoyt
  6. Pictured here, this shy forensic entomologist was nicknamed: [???]
  7. Jordan's dad was a disgraced cop named: [???] Cavanaugh
  8. In the first season, we met a medical examiner played by Mahershala Ali: [???] Sanders
  9. This assistant district attorney came between Lily and Bug: [???] Brandau
  10. This tough-as-nails district attorney had a fling with Macy: [???] Walcott
  11. He was a medical examiner struggling with a former drug addiction: Peter [???]
  12. Pictured here, she was an assistant in the medical examiner's office who simply went by: [???]
Can you complete the names of all these Crossing Jordan characters?

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