Can you answer these questions about Oscar-winning crime movies?

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Ah, the Academy Awards. While the nominations sometimes raise eyebrows, we all tune in to watch them anyway. We might not always agree with the winners, but that's Hollywood for you.

The law drama or crime movie is nothing new in Hollywood history. If the huge number of crime dramas that come out on TV every year are any indiction, it's something that won't die out anytime soon.

But can you answer these questions about crime or law movies that won Oscars? 

  1. Gregory Peck took home best actor for playing a lawyer in this 1962 film
  2. Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster won best actor and actress for this movie
  3. The Untouchables won what 1988 Oscar?
  4. This movie swept the 1972 oscars including best picture, director, and actor for Gene Hackman
  5. On The Waterfront got this actor his first best actor Oscar. The second would come from The Godfather
  6. This legal dark comedy won best picture in 2003
  7. This 1996 movie got Frances McDormand best actress for her role as a police chief
  8. My Cousin Vinny won what 1993 Oscar?
Can you answer these questions about Oscar-winning crime movies?

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