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We know Jessica Fletcher and Allison Dubois would've been unstoppable as a duo, but they were pretty fantastic on their own! Although Murder, She Wrote and Medium are different shows, both deal with solving murder cases. 

We want to see if you can tell which show these scenes belong to! Good luck!
  1. Where is this scene from?
  2. How about this one?
  3. And this one...
  4. Alright, let's see if you can guess this one.
  5. Where is this scene from?
  6. And this scene is from...
  7. This looks like it can be from...
  8. What about this one?
  9. Alright, let's keep going. How about this one?
  10. Lastly, where is this scene from?

Are these scenes from Murder, She Wrote or Medium?

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