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Are you team Andy Flynn or Joe DuBois? Or are you like many people who are a fan of both characters? Although they're on two different shows, Andy and Joe's dialogues are not so different. Let's see if you can tell who said these lines. Good luck!
  1. Who said it: " [in response to someone saying, 'How can you say that?'] I move my lips, I push out air. There's nothing to it."
  2. Who said it: "Hey, hey, listen to me. Last time you tried to do things your way, it didn't turn out so well. So why not let the professionals have a go at it?"
  3. Who said it: "Call Maury Povich - tell him I'm ready for my close-up."
  4. Who said it: "For a functional alcoholic - absolutely. You know he's still out there drinking by himself?"
  5. Who said it: "But I intend to do it. Just don't hold me responsible for the outcome."
  6. Who said it:" [in response to someone saying they did something] Of course you did. It's a day ending in 'Y'."
  7. Who said it: "Oh, I'm glad me trying to improve my health amuses you guys so much. Cynical jerks."
  8. Who said it: "This new cleanse can't get too hot."
  9. Who said it: "If something had happened, somebody would've called. If I were dead, who are we kidding, you'd be the first to know."
  10. Who said it: "Listen, doc, do you know anything about blood pressure meds? I mean, you know, how safe they are, stuff like that?"

Who said it: Andy Flynn or Joe DuBois?

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