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Did you close out The Closer still loving every bit of drama Brenda faced on the show? If you answered yes then we still have further questions for you!
Test your knowledge of the The Closer — by the numbers with this quiz below!
  1. In what year did the The Closer first air?
  2. How many times did Mary McDonnell reprise her role of Sharon Raydor on The Closer?
  3. How many seasons of The Closer are there?
  4. How many episodes does J.K. Simmons star as Will Pope?
  5. How many times was Kyra Sedgwick nominated for an Emmy for her performance as Brenda Leigh Johnson?
  6. In what year did The Closer end?
  7. Excluding the final season, how many episodes did each season of The Closer have?
  8. How many episodes did Kyra Sedgwick's husband, Kevin Bacon, direct for The Closer?
  9. How many members of the main cast of The Closer were in every episode?
  10. How many viewers on average did The Closer have at the height of its popularity?

How well do you know The Closer by the numbers?

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