Dating is supposed to be *fun*. You're supposed to get to know the other person and see if you'll make an unstoppable duo with a fiery connection. Sometimes, people fall in love fast, and their casual dates turn into romantic evenings with their significant other. Other times, dates will make you not want to see them again because you're tired of trying. Annie Walker of Covert Affairs had the confidence to continue dating even after her heart was broken a few times. Do you remember who she dated?
  1. Did she date Ben Mercer?
  2. Did she date Jai Wilcox?
  3. Did she date Arthur Campbell?
  4. Did she date Simon Fischer?
  5. Did she date Calder Michaels?
  6. Did she date Ryan McQuaid?
  7. Did she date Henry Wilcox?
  8. Did she date Auggie Anderson?

Do you remember who Annie Walker dated?

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