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Winning awards for her amazing work on both the big and small screen, Patrica Arquette is one of the hardest working actors in the industry. Making a name for herself in the '90s with various films from horror to romantic comedies, Arquette especially captivated TV audiences in the 2000s for famous role in Medium. 

Since her time as paranormal investigator Allison DuBois, she's appeared and starred in two CSI series as well as won an Oscar for best supporting actress. But how well do you know the career of Patricia Arquette? Test your knowledge with the quiz below!
  1. Which Nightmare on Elm Street movie did she star in?
  2. Which movie did she win the Oscar for best supporting actress?
  3. Which decade did she make her first on-screen appearance?
  4. Which Pixar movie did she voice act in?
  5. What year did she win her first Emmy for outstanding lead actress?
  6. True or False: She's one of the two only women who've won an Oscar for best supporting actress and and Emmy for best outstanding actress
  7. She co-starred with Benicio Del Toro in which TV mini-series?
  8. Which CSI series did she star in before CSI: Cyber?
  9. She appeared in a music video for which popular british rock band?
  10. She co-starred with Ben Stiller in which 90s rom-com?

How well do you know the career of Patricia Arquette?

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