Are you the ultimate The Good Wife fan?

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The Good Wife is a series that's loaded with little details and fun facts about the characters. Creators Michelle and Robert King made sure that everything that went into the show was deliberate and, when dealing with the law, as close to fact as possible. They even had attorneys act as consultants for the writers to ensure the script was accurate! 

In an article for the New York Times that named the show as one of the Top 20 Best Drama Series, the Kings stated that, "'The Good Wife' was about soft power – the use of power that is not announcing itself as power... If the show has a positive legacy, it's probably that we helped women not have to stand by their scandalized husbands."

It's time to show off how well you've been paying attention; are you the ultimate The Good Wife fan?
  1. Peter Florrick's scandal is based on which real-life political scandal?
  2. Who does Cary Agos appear to have a secret crush on?
  3. How many children do Alicia and Peter have?
  4. The character of Eli Gold is based loosely on a Chicago politician. Who is he based on?
  5. What sport does Will Gardner regularly participate in with local judges and other attorneys?
  6. What is Peter Florrick's job title when his scandal becomes public?
  7. True or False: Kalinda is married.
  8. True or False: Alicia's kids are named Jason and Anna.
  9. True or False: Diane Lockhart is an avid Democrat.
  10. True or False: Will Gardner was voted Chicago's 16th Most Elligble Bachelor.
Are you the ultimate The Good Wife fan?

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