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6 facts you might not have known about The Good Wife

By: Start TV Staff    Posted: June 5, 2020, 2:29PM   

Following the conclusion of it's 7 season run just a few short years ago, The Good Wife is widely celebrated as one of the best court dramas of the past decade. Being able to balance high stakes court stories with personal family drama helped shape the show into being the ground breaking series that fans are still speculating and discussing to this day.

Through multiple interviews with actors and writers alike we pulled together 6 facts you might have missed about The Good Wife:

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Not shot on location

Despite being set in Chicago, every scene of the show was shot in New York City. This was requested initially by Julianna Margulies for wanting to stay closer to home.

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The Creators aren’t law experts

Robert and Michelle King aren’t lawyers, though they wish they were as they’ve said it would have helped with the writing process. The Kings typically set out to write a story and then have their law experts fill in the details after.

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Will almost left the show sooner

Josh Carles, who played Will Gardner, originally was the one who wanted to leave the show. However Margulies was able to convince him to stay on the show longer to give his character a proper ending.

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Eli Gold was based on former Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel.

In an interview with NPR, actor Alan Cummings has admitted his character was written to reflect the former mayor of Chicago, Rahm Emanuel. Alan cited that much of his characters “coil spring nature” and passion was based on his research of Emanuel.

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The episode titles follow a pattern

For seasons 1-4, the number of words in each episode title matched the number of the season. Following season 4, the number of words in the titles began to decrease, leading fans to speculate and then have confirmed the show would end after season 7. 

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There was a noticeable rift between Alicia and Kalinda

Following the 14th episode of season 4, both characters no longer had scenes together until the end of season 6. Fans have speculated a rift between the two acrtesses and even some believe their final scene was two seperate shots put together. Of course nothing has been confirmed.

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