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You can definitely say The Good Wife was business fashion-forward

By: Start TV Staff    Posted: June 26, 2019, 12:45PM    Tags: The Good Wife

It's not news that the team on The Good Wife knows how to serve justice in style. From structured jackets to colorful ties, the show's cast always puts their best foot forward when they walk into the courtroom. 

Wardrobe designer Daniel Lawson took plenty of time and pride in creating a wardrobe that best emulated the moods, attitudes and personal growth of each character. Whether it's a herringbone skirt or a chunky necklace (or one of the countless Lockhart brooches), Lawson made some of the boldest choices he could for business-professional wear. 

This had an effect on the trends of American culture as well. Seeing these strong characters in fashion-forward pieces was carried into workplaces across America, a welcome resurgence that Lawson was pleased to see. According to Lawson in a TV Guide interview, "The workplace used to be really elegant... People wore suits and ties, and women dressed up. You were a secretary, but you dressed to the nines to go to work. Through the '70s and the '80s and even the '90s, there was this sort of — I don't want to say rebellion — but we started to go more casual to work. I feel like that The Good Wife made people go, 'Oh, I'm going to dress for work again.'"

He certainly got this cast off on the right foot. Here are some of the favorite looks from the first season of The Good Wife

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Alicia Florrick, power suit expert

Florrick wears a number of suits in her role, but none so impactful as her first season's attire. There are plenty of looks across a neutral pallet in her wardrobe, and this suit plays in that territory well. Mixing cool neutrals with a suit that exudes confidence is a bonus many fans will catch as the series plays on.

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Diane Lockhart: black, white and red all over

Right from the start, Diane Lockhart comes out swinging with her soon-to-be signature look of statement pieces. In this look, she sports a beautifully marbled top with a thick, burgundy belt and gold buckle. It is paired with a slick black pencil skirt and a delicate necklace, as sharp as Diane is skeptical.

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Kalinda Sharma looks sharp in mixed textures

Sharma has a tough exterior that few can crumble, and she reminds us of this in the way she's dressed. Sharma usually pairs her soft blouses with a leather vest (like the one seen here) and her signature pair of knee-high boots

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Will Gardner wears a pop of color more often than not

Gardner is seen in many dark suits to start. Standard grays, charcoals, blacks and even the rare navy blue shows up throughout the season. What deserves to be recognized, however, is his willingness to spice up the norm with some professionally eccentric pops of color. This lavender/purple combination is a bold and tasteful show of personality.

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Partners in arms - or collars

Barely into the first season, and it looks like Florrick is already having an influence on Sharma. These outfits stand out due to their complementary characteristics. Pressed collars, delicate jewelry and even a matching lip color show these two eventual partners in sync early in the series. 

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Rainy days are for raincoats

Rain or shine, these lawyers always look their best. There is no lack of stylish trenchcoats in the series. After all, what makes a law professional more than the right outerwear?

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