The Everett Collection
Melinda runs into all types of creepy and scary situations on Ghost Whisperer. Angry spirits and ghosts are just another occupational hazard of being able to speak to the dead, of course.

Think you can tell the difference between creepy Ghost Whisperer titles and cult classic horror films? We mixed a bunch of titles together, your job is to tell them apart down below! Good luck!
  1. The Mummy’s Hand
  2. Till Death Do Us Start
  3. Thrilled to Death
  4. Horror Island
  5. Calling Dr. Death
  6. The Curse of the Ninth
  7. Weird Woman
  8. Pillow of Death
  9. Ghost in the Machine
  10. Spider Baby
  11. Deja Boo
  12. Undead Comic

Are these creepy titles from cult classic horror films or Ghost Whisperer episodes?

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