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When you're in a relationship, date nights should happen at least twice a month (if not more) because couples need to keep their spark alive. Date nights don't always have to include going out or spending lots of money. You can have a romantic dinner at home, watch movies together, or play games. For this quiz, though, we want you to oversee planning the perfect date night for Byron Sully and Michaela of Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.

Backstory: An ex-lover of Dr. Quinn is in town and wants to win her back; you're helping Sully plan the perfect date so the ex has no chance! (Also, none of this happened in the Western drama, we just wanted to spice things up!)
  1. Sully went for a walk and saw Dr. Quinn with a mystery guy (her ex). When he sees her later, he says, "Wear something ______. I'll pick you up at ______." Fill in the blanks with what you believe sounds perfect!
  2. Where should Sully take her?
  3. After picking her up, Sully compliments her outfit, saying, "______________________."
  4. The couple gets to their location, hungry and ready to eat. What's their main course?
  5. What's for dessert?
  6. There needs to be music!
  7. You told Sully a romantic speech would be the perfect touch! What should he say?
  8. After the date, where are they going?
  9. Sully has a gift for Michaela! What did you tell him to buy?
  10. It's the end of the date. How should Sully say goodbye?

Help Byron Sully plan the perfect date night for him and Dr. Quinn

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