Can you guess the show by its tagline?

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: December 5, 2019, 5:13PM
Every good show has a great tagline, something that will hook you and make you want to tune in season after season. 

We're curious to see if you can recognize these StartTV shows by only their taglines. Here's the catch; some shows have used more than one catchphrase to bait their audiences, so think carefully before selecting.

Good luck!
  1. Whose tagline is "The dead are talking...and she is listening"?
  2. Whose tagline is "She's a guardian. Not an angel"?
  3. Whose tagline is "She sees what others can't"?
  4. Whose tagline is "Better late than never"?
  5. Whose tagline is "His scandal. Her story"?
  6. Whose tagline is "They'll bring you in. She'll make you talk"?
  7. Whose tagline is "Hope lives...because the evidence never dies"?
  8. Whose tagline is "Don't let the name fool you"?
  9. Whose tagline is "Welcome to witness protection. Now get lost"?
  10. Whose tagline is "Seeing is believing"?
Can you guess the show by its tagline?

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Lena 19 months ago
I love this channel! I can watch some of my old favorites everyday! Don't change the line up!!!
Herbnurse13 19 months ago
I am so glad The Good Wife has started back over. This is the one show I’ll stay up late for and my husband enjoys it as well.... 💖💖
Jill 23 months ago
I'm wondering why you skipped several episodes of Medium this week. You went from the finale of Season 5 and completely slipped the Season 6 premiere and several other episodes also. What's up?
Jill Jill 23 months ago
"Skipped," not "slipped," thanks autocorrect! 😁
LynetteJager 23 months ago
I only watch this channel and the constant reruns get boring. Couldn’t you please put on some other shows so we can watch some newer reruns? I am
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