Quiz: How well do you know Annie Potts?

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: September 18, 2020, 3:11PM
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Stage, television, film and even voice acting work — Annie Potts has done it all. From various TV performances like Any Day Now to even some of the most iconic blockbuster hits like Toy Story, Annie Potts is a beloved star of both television and film. 

But do you know ALL of her incredible roles? Take this quiz to find out how much you really know about Annie Potts' amazing career.
  1. What was this blockbuster role?
  2. What forgotten '80s gem was she in with Tim Curry?
  3. What big-haired break out role was this?
  4. In what movie did she co-star in with this familiar face from a galaxy far, far away
  5. What mid-Nineties show was this?
  6. She give a spiky performance in what '80s John Hughes flick?
  7. What '90s film did she star in here with Jeff Bridges?
  8. In what one-season wonder did she reunite with co-star Tim Curry?
  9. What recent series did she guest star in here?
  10. What movie-turned-television-series did she star in here?
Quiz: How well do you know Annie Potts?

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Stephen 19 months ago
My favorite actress: Annie Potts.
Juanita 20 months ago
In the, 'Cyber Age'; I love how Annie; keeps people, guessing.
Such a rare treasure.
Darryl 23 months ago
'that's our son, bobby' ran today. annie potts acted the words off the page in that episode! she should have been up for every major award they give to an actor for that performance, plus she got all the support she needed from chris mulkey and lorraine toussaint. excellent work!
BrightFeather2 24 months ago
I love the show even though they have the history part all wrong.
jeremy 25 months ago
I love this show. Wish I could find it online to watch it from the beginning to the end
Lunarstruck jeremy 21 months ago
It's on YouTubeTV
Anita 25 months ago
I love this show. I thought I'd be able to watch it but lately I've been forced to see clients at 10 or 10:30. Great show and I love how they deal with the way things are (regrettably, not the way they were). Sometimes it feels we've come full circle.
Sandi Anita 14 months ago
It might appear we’ve gone full circle, but in my heart and mind we haven’t. I know a lot more people feel this way too. We still have a way to go and I believe we can all rise above the propaganda, rhetoric, narrative the media and “the powers that be” are trying to force on us. I like the saying, “ if you want to get rid of racism, stop talking about it”. I don’t know who said it, but for the most part it rings true. We are all brothers and sisters who should love and take care of one another!❤️
Linda 25 months ago
I so LOVE this show!! I am so glad it has resurfaced, as we all need to reminded of the huge divide between those who are white and those who weren't. I have always loved Annie Potts and fell in love with Lorraine Toussaint (forgive me if spelled wrong). Love, love, love
BrightFeather2 Linda 24 months ago
Love the show but they have the history part all wrong. I lived it.
They go by the REconstructed "history" that everyone is indoctrinated with in the govt schools since 1865 !
Carolyn BrightFeather2 23 months ago
You obviously have never lived in the deep South.
Lunarstruck BrightFeather2 21 months ago
What exactly did they get wrong? Curious, thanks!
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