Can you name these Providence guest stars?

By: Start TV Staff     Posted: February 1, 2023, 3:55PM
Beginning in 1999, Providence follows the story of Dr. Sydney Hansen as she returns to her childhood home. Throughout two seasons, Sydney, her father and her younger siblings interact with the citizens of Providence, Rhode Island in plenty of fun ways. You might notice that some of these Rhode Islanders have some famous faces. Can you name a few of them?
  1. You probably already know this Golden Girl, but we figured we'd ask anyway.
  2. She was probably most well-known as an overbearing mother in Seinfeld!
  3. This one might be a little tricky, but which night-time talk show host lent his voice to Lucky the German Shepard?
  4. He was a star on Modern Family, but which one?
  5. She's probably most well-known for a role on a '70s sitcom, plus some voice work!
  6. He tends to play a lot of military characters, some of who use his real last name!
  7. She did a lot of voice work as a child and starred in Good Girls.
  8. He played a big-shot older brother lawyer in Better Call Saul.
  9. You probably know him from Scrubs.
  10. A multi-Oscar winning actress and a frequent collaborator with Shonda Rhimes.
Can you name these Providence guest stars?

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