Can you name these characters' proper job titles?

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The professional women that StartTV has airing are some of the best and the brightest in their fields. Whether they are just getting back in the game or they've been working nonstop for years, these ladies are professionals on a mission to do their jobs to the best of their abilities.

With all of this adoration for these characters, it's ironic that sometimes the smallest details about what they do can slip right past us. Can you name the proper job titles that each of our characters hold? Take a shot and show off your smarts!
  1. What is Brenda Leigh Johnson's official title?
  2. What is Alicia Florrick's official title?
  3. What is Dr. Jordan Cavanaugh's official title?
  4. What is Lillian "Lily" Rush's official title?
  5. What is Melinda Gordon's official title?
  6. What is Kalinda Sharma's official title?
  7. What is Allison DuBois's official title?
  8. What is Dr. Michaela "Mike" Quinn's official title?
  9. What is Maura Isles official title?
  10. What is Sharon Raydor's official title by the end of the series?
Can you name these characters' proper job titles?

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